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How do you compare? Women always say that they want big dicks, and men always brag about their big cocks but what is big? On this page we've posted photos of some famous big peckers. Take a gander and see how you measure up to some of the world longest cocks.

Jonah Falcon

Jonah Falcon nude Jonah Falcons worlds largest penis
At 13.5" Jonah Falcon holds the current record for the worlds largest penis. He proves that white men can have long schlongs! An no that image is not Photoshopped! Jonah hasn't done porn as he is pursuing a legitimate acting career. The last we heard he was unemployed.

Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy autofelatio Ron Jeremy naked
Not the biggest but perhaps the most famous penis. At 9.75" Ron Jeremy won't go into the record books for having the longest dick. He is in the record books for being in the most adult films which is over 2000 and counting. His porn carreer is due in a large part to his having perfect penis control. He is able to cum on queue. This is a feat we have witnessed in person. All the people in the room do a 10 to 1 countdown with Ron cumming right on queue.

John Holmes

John Holmes shows off his 13 and a half inches Classic John Holmes dick photo
Also known as Johnny Wadd. John Holmes claimed varios lengths or his dong at differnt times from 10-15". Several witnesses say they saw him measured at 13.5". John made about 2500 adult films in the 1970s and 1980s though at least 60% of them were one reel 8mm stag films.


Mandingo Black pornstar with a huge cock Mandingo Ebony pornstar with a big penis
At 11.5-12" Fredrick Lamont aka Mandingo aka Fred Foolish proves that black men can have big cocks too.

Richard Mann

Richard Mann 11 inch black man Richard Mann ebony male with an eleven inch penis
Says his cock is 11" long.

Ken Ryker

Ken Ryker porn star with an 11 inch penis Ken Ryker vintage photo showing off his big dick
Reported to be 11" long.


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